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  • A Novel Intelligent Software Based Cardiovascular Monitoring System. 

  • A Novel Aloe Vera Treatment For Uterine Cancer Using MTT Assay, Ros Analysis, And Fluorescence Anisotropy. 

  • A Novel Medico Diagnosis Using Radio Nuclide Imaging. 

  • A Novel Medicinal Anti-Diabetic Cookies with Ayurvedic Excipients. 

  • Medicinal Cigarette with Unique Properties.

  • Smart Remote Sensing Management Device for COVID Patients.

  • A Novel Synergistic Poly Herbal Formulation for Controlling Blood Glucose Level.

  • Poly Herbal Capsule as a Potential Detoxification Agent.

  • A Herbal Ayurvedic Formulation for Improving Insulin Resistance in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus.

  • Semi-Synthetic Derivatives of Natural origin as a Potential Antipsychotic Agent.

  • Management of Diabetes through Dietary Supplements.

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